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Everyone is crazy about the hottest event of the season in Paris, organized by Airness and Jordan.

On July 1, 2023, our store at La Poste du Louvre was the setting for an incredible day that brought adrenaline, fun, and unexpected emotions to over 1000 passionate fans.
The morning was exclusively reserved for Airness FAM members and lucky Parisian teams who had privileged access to the event and were literally amazed to meet the superstar Zion.
In the afternoon, the event opened its doors to everyone with performances, great music, and a second big surprise, the arrival of another exceptional NBA star, Jayson Tatum.

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To express our gratitude to Zion and Tatum, we created two custom-made pendants that we hope will carry the precious memory of this extraordinary day spent together. These amazing jewels were made in collaboration with the renowned Italian Creative Laboratory, NOVE25, an excellence and authenticity of Made in Italy. For Zion, we crafted a pendant that depicts him in his iconic pose with the famous Voodoo skull and his name, making it a unique and symbolic piece.

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For Tatum, a pendant that pays tribute to the strong bond with his son, portraying them hand in hand while admiring the Savanna, one of their favorite habitats. On the back, a basketball and a phrase representing a lucky motto of Jayson, symbolizing his devotion to the game.

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In addition to the two Jordan Fam champions' presence, the event was made extraordinary by the participation of the following special guests at Airness Paris Madness:


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The event's host, skillfully managed the athletes' journey and captivated the audience as a passionate basketball enthusiast, keeping the energy levels high and engaging the crowd throughout.


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The driving force of the event's fun, master of ceremonies, and crowd entertainer, ensuring every moment was filled with excitement.


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With his eclectic beats, he provided the perfect soundtrack for the entire show. His musical skills and ability to read the crowd created an electrifying atmosphere.


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With their unmatched skills, breathtaking moves, and captivating performances, they left everyone in awe.


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The organizer of our events' tournaments, whose passion for basketball and meticulous planning ensures that every challenge is organized to perfection.

Airness Paris Madness was much more than an event. It was a unique opportunity for all basketball enthusiasts to come together, celebrate the sport they love, and create unforgettable memories.

Thank you all!

Photo Credit: Francesca di Fazio & Bsa Studio
Video Credit: Bsa Studio

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