Book 1 "Rattlesnake"

White/Light Orewood Brown/Burnt Sunrise/Black

Devin Booker is a craftsman who can leave a defender behind with an ankle-killing sprint, then return with a series of charming shots and rapid-fire jump shots. Book's signature shoe gives him all the tools he needs to chisel his game. With leather details that highlight an ultra-smooth upper and a fast, cushioned ride, this design can help you explore the spaces created by your offensive game and a talent hungry for the basket.

Cool Book
The exterior is pure Book style with a workwear-inspired canvas for extra durability, while the suede collar and real leather on the forefoot provide more reinforcement and a familiar, soft feel for immediate comfort. The heel tab is inspired by the spine of a book, with numbers referencing chapters in an ongoing story.

Control and changes of direction
A Zoom Air unit on the upper heel is designed to provide speed and responsiveness for taking off on the floor and stopping suddenly, as Book does in his twisting two-foot leap towards the basket.

Stop and pin
The reinforced plastic plate on the top of the midfoot helps keep the foot stable during sudden movements such as instant stops, Book-style twists and quick-change direction on the parquet floor. A sturdy plastic side cage adds even more stability.

Shoot to the max
The multi-directional herringbone pattern on the outsole provides traction and grip ideal for lateral cuts and quick changes of directions.

Full throttle foam
Soft, responsive, full-length foam can help you keep running and sprinting without sacrificing comfort.

ID: FJ4249-101

Book 1 rattlesnake Nike FJ4249-101 NewCondition Sneakers Performance, White/Light Orewood Brown/Burnt Sunrise/Black White/Light Orewood Brown/Burnt Sunrise/Black FJ4249-101 Book 1 rattlesnake Apparel & Accessories
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