Kobe Standard Issue PO Hoodie "Black"

Black/Field Purple

The legend of Kobe Bryant goes beyond the confines of the playing field. Embracing the Mamba Mentality does not mean repeating a mantra, but accepting an unstoppable stimulus for constant improvement. Embody this mentality when you wear the Kobe Standard Issue Hoodie. With a relaxed fit and a soft, breathable mid-weight jersey, it adapts to all seasons, proving itself as versatile as Kobe, capable of going from unsurpassed defender to unstoppable scorer. Kobe's signature logo further pays homage to his unforgettable impact on the future generation.

ID: HF0066-010

Kobe standard issue po hoodie black Nike HF0066-010 NewCondition Apparel Hoodie, Black/Field Purple Black/Field Purple HF0066-010 Kobe standard issue po hoodie black Apparel & Accessories
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