Sabrina 2 "Conductor"

Football Grey/White/Glacier Blue

Sabrina Ionescu’s success is no secret. Her game is based on living in the gym, getting in rep after rep to perfect her craft. The Sabrina 2 sets you up to do more, so you're ready to go when it's game-time. Our newest Cushlon foam helps keep you fresh, Air Zoom cushioning adds the pop, and sticky traction helps you create that next-level distance. Sabrina’s handed you the tools. Time to go to work.

See It All
This version was inspired by Sabrina’s ability to see the court and read the defense to stay a step ahead of the game. The colorful purple makes a bold statement while serving as a reminder that court vision can be perfected through hard work and dedication.

Soft and Durable
A forefoot Air Zoom unit gives you responsive pop and speed. The midsole has two types of foam: Our newest Cushlon foam gives you a plush underfoot sensation, so your feet feel fresh throughout the 4th quarter. A firmer Cushlon foam wraps around it to provide stability.

Control for the Court
A dynamic internal midfoot containment system with a fit band and stitched cables allows you to control every movement once you lace up.

Cut Fast
A modified herringbone pattern we’ve dubbed S-traction offers amazingly quick changes of direction on a dime, the type of stop-and-go swerves and sharp cuts that can help you get buckets in bundles.

Personal Touch
Check out the bits of fragments around the Swoosh logo, an ode to the proverbial glass ceiling Sabrina continues to break through in the game of basketball. The embroidered S’s on the back half of the design pay homage to the dream-weavers who continue to strive to do more.

ID: FQ2174-002

Sabrina 2 conductor Nike FQ2174-002 NewCondition Sneakers Performance, Football Grey/White/Glacier Blue Football Grey/White/Glacier Blue FQ2174-002 Sabrina 2 conductor Apparel & Accessories
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