43 Rue Étienne Marcel
75002 - Paris

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Monday/Saturday 11.00-19.00
Sunday closed

A location with more than 100 years of history

A building, born in 1888 as the headquarters of the national post office, which has lived almost a century and a half of French history, passing from the decidedly avant-garde project by Julien Guadet to the latest renovation led by Dominque Perrault. The work of the famous architect has transformed La Poste del Louvre into a new urban and multifunctional heart by maintaining the historic long-span metal frames of the Eiffel type and adding a large central courtyard onto which our new Store & Café.

Two floors, 300 square meters and over 1000's of items to choose from.

The new store in Paris welcomes shoes, clothing and accessories of the most coveted and sought after brands by every basketball and street style fan. A unique place to find the latest product releases, participate in contests, tournaments and events wearing the style you've always dreamed of.

A living space, where every basketball lover can spend and share his time immersed in environments that speak of his passion.

Inside the Store, to enrich the experience, a cafeteria with tastings of typical Italian dishes and an artisan ice cream laboratory.

"The concept store in Paris is set up with a different goal than all the traditional shops in the sector: to allow every fan to live different experiences in a single place that speaks of their passion for basketball. From shopping for your favorite items, to the cafeteria with the corner of of Italian artisan ice cream."

Edoardo Berta, Airdom Marketing Director



Rue Etienne Marcel 43
75001 Paris

+33 1 42 33 81 48

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Monday / Saturday 10.30-19.00
Closed on Sunday


Monday / Saturday 10.30-19.00
Closed on Sunday