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Nike Swoosh Fly: Get to know Matilde and Eleonora Villa


Matilde and Eleonora Villa are special talents, so we decided to meet them to talk basketball and women's sports. Of course, we took the chance to shoot them in the new Nike Swoosh Fly Collection.

Matilde and Eleonora Villa are not normal teenagers. At the age of just 16, the twins from Lissone have a career launched in the upper echelon of basketball and it is no coincidence that they have been a permanent presence in A1 for more than a year and key names for the National Youth Teams. The two players for Costa Masnaga are gaining an increasingly important role in the current Serie A and in the popular imagination of Italian basketball, that's why we wanted to meet them.

March is also Women's History Month and Nike celebrated it with a new collection of the Basketball line entirely dedicated to female players and fans, Nike Swoosh Fly, a line that includes lifestyle and performance products. We decided to bring the latest Nike Swoosh Fly line to the new Allianz Cloud and shoot it together with the Nike Kyrie 7 and Nike PG 5 on Matilde and Eleonora, with whom we also had a chat to talk about their career, their human relationship and importance of female figures in sport.

It is a very delicate moment for women in sports. What do you think women’s basketball needs to grow in the next future?

Unfortunately, it is a delicate moment for any sport, and women's basketball is suffering a lot from this situation, not being as popular as football in Italy. We would like to see a good performance of our National Team in the next European Championships to bring back the enthusiasm and attention that the entire movement deserves.

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How do you juggle between pro basketball, school and the everyday life of a teenager?

We try to organize in a way that allows us to complete homework, study and dedicate ourselves to sports. We work hard to be able to reconcile sport and school. The results of one are connected to the other, at least for us. Getting a good grade helps us to be more calm, confident and enthusiastic when we play, and a good performance gives us energy to commit ourselves to studying.

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What is the goal in playing together being twins? Even in your everyday relationship.

The advantage is to play with someone who thinks, plays and moves like you on the court. You always know what to expect from each other and above all you know that even if one of us makes a mistake, the other would be ready to give you a pat on the back and cheer you up. Then, as Ele always says: why shoot for two when you can pass it to her for a three? 😂😂

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What are your goals in basketball and outside the court?

At the moment, the number one goal is to have fun. Basketball means joy for us and something stimulating also: you have to think while running, jumping, dribbling, walking and shooting. We hope to continue having fun and raising the bar from year to year. Right now, we both want to give everything for Costa Masnaga. In the life outside basketball, the closest goal is to graduate high school, then we'll see, we still don't have clear ideas.

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