MB03 Toxic and Scalvini



An afternoon of sharing, openness, and energy: an Airdom-style event, just the way we like it.

To commemorate the official launch of the brand-new Puma MB03 Toxic, our Piazzale Loreto store held an exclusive event on November 17th, featuring young athletes and a special guest of honor.


We are delighted to have had Giorgio Scalvini as our guest, an exemplar of how talent, dedication, enthusiasm, and respect are the ingredients every champion must possess, both in sports and in life. Considered among the best footballers of his generation, Giorgio is a defender and a skilled playmaker, endowed with great physical strength, speed, and the ability to read and anticipate game dynamics.
A complete player destined to make his mark in the world of football.

Scalvini with MB03 Toxic

Scalvini with Puma MB03

Giorgio Scalvini with Puma MB03

The rising star of Atalanta shared his story with our Gaia Accoto, revealing his passion for the ball, 3x3 games played with teammates between training sessions, and the role that sports have played in his life. Following that, Giorgio made himself available to the curiosity of ten athletes who chatted with the footballer, receiving valuable sports and life advice. A beautiful moment among young talents, rich in enthusiasm, energy, and inspiration.


During the event, a court challenge was inevitable: 10 lucky players from Repower Sanga Basket and Urania Basket Milano, along with Giorgio, took part in a lightning-fast competition.

Scalvini e Puma

The winners were rewarded with the latest MB03 Toxic provided by Puma and all participants received the Airdom kit with jersey and shorts. We would like to express our gratitude to:

  • Giorgio, a source of inspiration for young players and attendees, who engaged with us and had fun together

  • The girls and boys of Repower Sanga Basket and Urania Basket Milano for sharing their passion with the enthusiasm that only those who love their sport can convey

  • Gaia, who reaffirms how professionalism, charisma, and kindness are the keys to bringing emotion and fun to every event, making everyone feel at ease

  • Puma, because together we create moments of sharing among the young, champions, and enthusiasts

  • And, of course, to Beppe Gallo and Francesca Di Fazio for narrating, with the distinctive style that unites us, the emotions of our moments with the community

Thanks to everyone!

Photo Credits
BSA Studio e Francesca Di Fazio

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