The launch of JT 1 in Paris

The launch of JT 1 in Paris


To celebrate the launch of the new signature Jordan Tatum 1, Airdom, in collaboration with the Jordan brand, organized a special event at Hoops Factory in Porte de la Villette, Paris.

Players from four different clubs, coaches, and content creators united by their passion for basketball practiced on the court the 3 iconic winning moves of this incredible athlete, Jayson Tatum testing the new brand shoe:

  • Off the Dribble: showcase how to pull up into your jump shot off the dribble by the use of jab steps, dribble moves and head fakes. Focus: rhythm, ball handling, pull-up 3.

  • Creating Space: walkthrough how to read the defense, setup the defender with various counter moves and create space using Tatum’s signature side step move. Focus: footwork, using length to separate from defender, efficiency.

  • Mid-range Game: tips on how to back down your defender, create separation and the use of a strong pivot foot into a fadeaway jumper. Focus: mid-range game, balance, elevation, shooters touch.

The launch of JT 1 in Paris

The launch of JT 1 in Paris

The teams were selected for their commitment to promoting inclusivity in the Parisian community.


Approaching its centenary in 2024, PUC Basket is a historic club with both men's and women's teams. It has a prestigious past and a future to build, focusing on the quality of welcoming and training young talents while upholding fundamental values of loyalty, respect, solidarity, and friendliness.


The club was established on July 16, 1916, with the aim of providing a space for sports and fostering friendship and solidarity among athletes. The basketball section was founded in the 1950s and remains the heart of the association today. The club is actively committed to promoting the five fundamental values of sports, including respect, team spirit, conviviality, the pleasure of effort, and overcoming limits and barriers.


Hustle Paris Basket is a sports and educational club that offers lessons to children and teenagers aged 5 to 17. The project places a strong emphasis on youth. Through basketball, a valuable vehicle for social integration, children are taught not only the techniques but also the value of inclusivity. The experience provided by the coaches at Hustle enables teenagers aged 13 and above to practice 3x3 basketball, the future Olympic discipline for the Paris 2024 Games.


Mont-Valérien Basket Féminin is a CTC (Cooperation of Territorial Clubs) established in 2014. The association's mission is to promote and empower women, emphasizing gender equality both in sports and in everyday life. This project was made possible through collaboration between RAC Basket (Rueil Athletic Club Basket) and SBC (Suresnes Basket Club).

The launch of JT 1 in Paris

The launch of JT 1 in Paris

We sincerely appreciate the players for their active engagement and unwavering enthusiasm displayed throughout the entire event. Their commitment to this sport was truly inspiring. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the dedicated coaches who guided and mentored the players, ensuring a professional and enriching experience. Additionally, we are grateful for the presence of two exceptional guests, Olga Maznichenko from the Basketball National team of Ukraine and actually part of the AS Orly Basket, as well as Elias, a talented digital content creator. Their presence added a special touch to the event and enhanced the overall experience for everyone involved.

Together, we celebrated the values of basketball, unity, and passion for the game.

Relive the event with this video.

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