Beppe Gallo with Airdom

Beppe Gallo with Airdom


The captivating and constantly evolving profile of a videomaker who infuses all his energy and versatility into his projects.

Every video by Beppe has the ability not only to revive the emotions of our events but also to convey new nuances that only he can capture with his mirrorless camera.
It was in 2010 when Beppe took his first steps into the world of content production. He did it during the late-night hours while balancing his daytime commitments in Corporate Finance courses. However, his passion for video making soon took over, making him realize that was the direction to pursue. His initial productions revolved around the world of live performances in Milan, Como, and Lugano.
In 2012, Beppe founded BSA Studios and since then has operated as a media partner for brands, artists, and communication agencies. By 2016, his production portfolio had exceeded 400 projects. From 2017, he became a content producer for prestigious brands such as Spotify Italy, Porsche Italy, Deloitte Italy, Sony Music, and Universal Music. Concurrently, on the artistic front, Beppe also works as a filmmaker with international entities like Maneskin, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, and Marco Mengoni. In 2020, he established BSA Studios, a physical space dedicated to content production for analog and digital shoots. This place quickly became the reference point in Italy for content production.
In recent projects, he operates as an art director in various fields, including the commissioning of important web series tailored for the Tik Tok world.

We are proud and honored to partner with Beppe, and his team, for years now considering him not only an incredible professional but also an active member of the Airdom Fam.

Unleash the captivating realms crafted by Beppe Gallo and his team as you delve into a selection of videos showcasing their artistry during our events.

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