Lidia Carew for Air Jordan 4

Lidia Carew with Air Jordan 4


Let's get to know the two basketball players better through a shooting organized by Airdom.

A professional dancer, model, actress, and internationally acclaimed performer, with appearances in Spike Lee's films and music videos by Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, and Calvin Harris. Chosen as the ambassador for the first Jordan collection exclusively dedicated to the women's world, Lidia is also an important advocate for inclusivity in all its aspects through various initiatives.

A prominent figure in sports and in life, Lidia shares our same values, and we are thrilled to have chosen her as the protagonist of this shoot. In the shots, Lidia is wearing the Air Jordan 4 in exquisite Canyon Purple suede with a speckled effect and subtle details of Alligator Green.

Lidia Carew for Air Jordan 4

Lidia Carew for Air Jordan 4

Lidia Carew for Air jordan 4

Lidia Carew for Air Jordan 4

Photo Credit: Francesca Di Fazio

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