Belinelli e Bortolani per Nike Kobe 6

L’intervista-omaggio a Kobe di Marco Belinelli e Giordano Bortolani


We had the privilege of interviewing Marco and Giordano on the occasion of the launch of the new Nike Kobe 6 shoes, a tribute to the timeless legend of basketball.

Marco Belinelli, the pioneer who deeply engraved his name in Italian basketball history as the first Italian champion in the NBA, and Giordano Bortolani, the emerging star in the world of hoops, destined to leave an indelible mark on the future of this sport.

Belinelli for Nike Kobe 6

Bortolani for Nike Kobe 6

Belinelli for Nike Kobe 6

Bortolani for Nike Kobe 6

Belinelli for Nike Kobe 6

Bortolani for Nike Kobe 6

Marco and Giordano, through a video narrative, intertwined their personal and athletic stories with that of Kobe Bryant, celebrating the characteristics and values of the Champion, demonstrating how Kobe and the Mamba Mentality have positively influenced players of all ages from every corner of the world.

Marco Belinelli: The Player Who Made History in Basketball

Belinelli for Nike Kobe 6

The only Italian to wear an NBA championship ring and win the three-point shooting trophy at the All-Star Game. A stellar career that began with Virtus Bologna and took him to North America to play against his idol, Kobe Bryant. A living example of the evolution of Italian basketball on the global stage, Beli, with his distinctive playing style and the ability to be decisive in critical moments, shared a journey of his successes, paying tribute to Black Mamba with memories of the games played on the same court.

"Among the Europeans I passionately follow is Marco Belinelli. Everyone talks about him as a shooter, but often they forget that he has a great build and the ability to read the game. He forces you to guard him: he's intelligent, knows how to move off the ball, and uses screens."
-Kobe Bryant

Watch Marco Belinelli's full interview

Giordano Bortolani: The Promise of the New Generation

Bortolani for Nike Kobe 6

A guard born in the year 2000, part of the first team of Olimpia Milano. In the last Serie A regular season, Bortolani played 22 games with champion-like statistics: 10 points, 1.6 rebounds, 57.4% from two-point range, and 35.7% from three-point range - with a season-high of 23 points (and 5 triples). Giordano shares his thoughts on Kobe, with the eyes of a new generation that saw Black Mamba take the court wearing the number 24 and was mesmerized by his playing style and the points he collected game after game.

Watch Giordano Bortolani's full interview

Two Generations, One Passion

We are delighted to have engaged Marco and Giordano in this convergence of two generations of athletes who, despite their age and diverse experiences, embody the same approach and passion for basketball, instilled by Kobe himself, both on and off the court. Such initiatives serve as a perpetual wellspring of energy and inspiration, resonating not only with us but also with anyone who holds a deep love for this sport.

Let's thank Marco, Giordano, and Nike for making it possible.

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