Lamelo Faster Tour in Milan

Lamelo Faster Tour in Milan


The first European tour of LaMelo and Puma Hoops has heated up basketball fans in Milan, Berlin, Paris, and London.

The young NBA sensation, already awarded the title of Rookie of the Year in 2021 and selected for the NBA All-Star Game in the following season, makes his debut in Milan. Airdom couldn't miss the Milan stop of The Melo Faster Tour.
On Monday, June 5th, at the Daylight space of SuperStudio in Via Tortona 27, LaMelo Ball thrilled fans with engaging activities and experiences: on-court challenges, testing his signature shoes, autograph sessions, and photos with kids and teenagers.
The event also offered a unique opportunity to immerse in the world of PUMA HOOPS and Melo, through various themed activities. Fans had the chance to test their basketball skills on the court, discover secrets and curiosities about the MB, Melo's signature shoes, at the MELOSEUM, and much more. Of course, meeting the Charlotte Hornets player was a must.

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Milan was the first stop of the TOUR and welcomed many lucky fans selected through a draw among those who registered for free on the dedicated page. Additionally, 15 fortunate members of the Airdom community and 1 lucky winner of the Golden ticket, obtained by purchasing a pair of MB shoes, had the opportunity to interact directly with the champion, participating in a brief training session and a lightning-fast competition alongside this incredible athlete. Digital content creator Rookicks, who accompanied Lamelo throughout the entire tour, enjoyed challenging him in a shootout challenge.

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The energy and skill of LaMelo have delivered unforgettable moments that you can relive with this video.

Photo Credit: Francesca di Fazio
Video Credit: Bsa Studio

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